Palm Beach NSW

Palm Beach NSW
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Stuff!

Well, dear ones, our tramatic week is over! We survived our week of church and visiting less actives on Sunday, FHE on Monday, Ward temple night on Tuesday, teaching Peter on Wednesday, Missionary Correlation meeting on Thursday, Friday we rested (we both worked on our lessons and talks), Saturday was shopping and Saturday evening we hosted 16 seniors at a BBQ at our place, and Sunday we gave our talks - mine on the Atonement in Sacrament meeting and Elder McRae gave part of the lesson in High Priests, then we both taught our lessons in Primary/Sunday School. We did that in addition to working 45-50 hours at the office. I don't think I have been that stressed for a long time. I guess that's good for me - I don't know. But it is behind us now and we can move on to our next adventure!

The seniors are planning a trip to Featherdale Park next Saturday, which should be fun. It is a wildlife park not too far away. I'll take lots of pictures and next week try to figure out how to post them.

The weather is beginning to change. I know everyone at home is thinking I've lost my marbles for posting on a fall theme, but it is fall here and is surely beginning to feel like it! We had our coats on this morning when we took our walk, and we were grateful for them! It is about 10 celsius at night. I think the way they figure it is add 30 degrees to celsius and then something else..... - oh, it doesn't matter does it? Let's just say it is getting colder!

I have my electronic photo frame going every day and it is so fun to see all of you! I guess it's both good and bad, it sure makes me homesick for all of you. I have pictures of Mom and Dad (thanks to you Diane) and many other old pictures, and then the ones that were taken two years ago in Kaysville. We miss you!!

We have talked with Rick a couple of times in the last few days and it sure was good to hear his voice. I'm glad he and Mike were able to get together before Mike headed out to Iraq. I guess Mike left on Monday. In a way, it's both easier and harder over here - easier because our time is filled with other responsibilities and we don't have time to dwell on their absence, and harder because we rarely hear about Iraq in the news - which is both good and bad. We want you to know sons that we pray for you every night and ask Heavenly Father to watch over you. We are very proud of what you are doing to serve your country and your attitudes. We also ask Heavenly Father to watch over Lisa and Julie and the kids as well. We also pray for Nick and Britney - as we pray for all of you. We send you our love.

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